Arlington Community Educational Sports Inc. is a newly formed local non-profit organization that is creating sports programs designed to actively promote community-based sports in the Hudson Valley while working in the best interests of our local players,

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Image result for cubs     DBI Cubs Travel Baseball 13U/14U/15U

-The DBI Cubs Travel Baseball Program is designed for serious travel baseball teams and individual baseball players in the 7th-8th-9th Grades who want to improve their game; who want to play in a competitive travel baseball program; and who are interested in eventually playing baseball at the college level.

-The DBI Cubs Travel Baseball Program is coordinated by Coach Al Hammell.

-Our program is designed to accept high level rising 13U/14U/15U travel teams and/or rising 13U/14U/15U individual players who are looking for a competitive travel baseball home that would lead to high level college showcase opportunities in the future.

-We begin the process each year with enrollment into our DBI Cubs 13U/14U/15U Fall Prospect Program for team/player evaluation and development.

-As an organization, we look to try and keep our rising 13U/14U/15U teams together who enter our program as a team whenever possible for their seasons the following summer.

-However, we will always use our 5-week DBI Cubs 13U/14U/15U Fall Prospect Program to help us make the best decisions on our player rosters/team development each year.

-The DBI Cubs 13U/14u/15U Fall Prospect Program consists of 5 workout sessions and live game play on the 5 Saturday afternoons after Labor Day and is used for player development and evaluation. 

--Players entering the DBI Cubs Fall Prospect Program are NOT gauranteed a spot on a DBI Cubs summer roster.

-The DBI Cubs 13U/14U/15U Travel Baseball Program final rosters and team coaches for the following summer are determined at the end of the DBI Cubs 13U/14U/15U Fall Prospect Program each fall. 

-Our program will also look to identify our highest level players for advanced tournament play each year. 

-Coach Hammell will offer the DBI Cubs Elite 13U/14U/15U Program to select DBI Cubs 13U/14U/15U players. This program will provide an opportunity to attend select regional travel tournaments throughout each travel season on elite tournament teams selected and coached directly by Coach Hammell.

-The DBI Cubs Elite tournament program will not conflict with any scheduled travel play for the DBI Cubs 13U/14U/15U Travel Teams.

-Questions? Call Coach Hammell at 845-527-0897

Click Here to learn about how to get started and register for the 2019 DBI Cubs Fall Prospect Program